Activ Balance Center

"The truly successful person inspires others to do more than they have thought possible for themselves"

What makes the Activ Balance Center different?
We have vast knowledge, unrelenting patienCe and a true passion for wellness. We care for and treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit. PILATES and ACTIVCORE is for everyone! The Activ Balance Center thrives on the individual attention each of our clients need.

"There is no reason why each one of you can't experience your own body as beautiful no matter what your age, your shape, or how you feel about yourself now. That's what Body Contrology (the original name for Pilates exercise) is all about: learning more about your body, getting in better touch with all its parts and setting up a communication system with it, trusting and loving it as your best friend and then using it correctly all the time."
– Ron Fletcher, Pilates Master Teacher.

Getting Started
Just give the ABC a call and we will set up an introduction/evaluation. As per not to interrupt the session in progress you might connect with our voice mail. Please leave your name and phone number and a good time to get back to you and we will do our best to contact you within 24 hours.

Joseph Pilates believed all beginners start with ten solo sessions. We agree. Experience shows us in ten solo sessions, most can start to understand the Pilates Method. Solos may continue or small group apparatus sessions of no more than 3 people, will be added to enhance the rhythm of your workouts. The Method must be clearly understood before a ABC staff member will recommend small group apparatus classes.

Pilates/ActivCore Introduction/Evaluation
Everyone at ABC starts with an introduction. We design your wellness program based on a personal and postural analysis, medical history and future goals and intentions. Learning Pilates starts with the fundamentals Joseph Pilates created himself. Through these basic exercises you gradually connect your thoughts to your body's movements, learning focus and precision, creating the Mind/Body connection. The ActivCore system is added to enhance the velocity in which that mind/body connection is made. Your team of instructors, observing your growth over time, will challenge you with specific exercises to obtain your desired goals. Each session is 55 minutes long.

Weather Concerns
If the weather is questionable the voice mail will advise you if the ABC is open.

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