Hope Cohen
Hope B. Cohen, founder of ABC Pilates & ActivCore Master Trainer Center is extremely passionate about everything she does. Driven by her discipline as a competitive gymnast and years in coaching, she has an incredible knowledge of the body and an innate ability to motivate and assist others in achieving their goals.

Practicing Pilates for over a decade, Hope's love for sharing her philosophies on health and wellness is her main commitment. Her passion for Pilates & ActivCore and overall wellness is only surpassed by her knowledge. She received her Pilate's certification by the Physical Mind Institute and her Certification in ActivCore by Pilates on 5th in New York City and has specialty certifications in continuing education with Stott Pilates and Body Balance Pilates, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. While many instructors practice different hands on body therapies without credentials, Hope has achieved a New York license and a New Jersey certification in Massage Therapy.

She is constantly integrating up to date information into her work. Learning advances in Anatomy and physiology and structural kinesiology (the science of muscles during movement.) Hopes other hands on healing certifications are in Reflexology and Thai massage. She continues to educate herself and searches for new ideas and techniques to better serve the intentions of her clients.

  Susan Ferrari
Having started as a student of The Pilates method here at ABC, Susan Ferrari is well on her was to becoming a Master. She received her certification in classical Pilates from Peak Pilates, and that is only the beginning of her long list of credentials. She has a Bachelor of Science from NYU, graduating as a Certified Dietician, certifications in ActivCore as well as cardiolates. Her passion for furthering her education is insatiable.

Susan's library of research is amazing. She is known to be awake all hours of the evening reading and discovering new concepts and mastering the Pilates Method. She incorporates knowledge from Peak, Stott Pilates, Body Balance, ActivCore FEX, just about anything she can study, into her classes.

Susan describes her classes as intense and fast paced. Focusing on each person's unique wellness goals. She is serious about her students improvement, as a former competitive figure skater and dancer, she incorporates more challenging innovative exercises into all her workouts. Here at Activ Balance Center Susan Ferrari is known as the "FORM POLICE". The smallest adjustments can create great results.

  Heidi Stetz
Heidi Stetz is an extraordinary woman. Her passion for doing Pilates for nearly a decade led her to receive her certification here at the Activ Balance Center. Her knowledge and intuition for the method is amazing. Having studied psychology and graduating from The University of Albany, Heidi's ability to communicate and read people is remarkable. She is able to motivate people to accomplish their goals.

Heidi herself is an avid proponent of a holistic way of life. Her exercise routine consists of Pilates, ActivCore, running, yoga, hiking, ice skating and much more. She is as passionate about teaching as she is about life!

  Loretta Young LMT, RYT
Loretta has been a body worker and educator in the holistic healing community for over 8 years. She is a certified Pre- & Post-natal Massage Therapist, Certified Maya Abdominal Massage Practioner, Registered Yoga Teacher and Infant Massage Instructor.

The Art of Bodywork incorporates the following techniques based on individual needs and personal goals.

• Deep Tissue & Relaxation Massage
• Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage
• Pre & Post-Natal Massage
• Infant Massage Instruction
• Cranio-Sacral Therapy
• Somato-Emotional Release
• Shiatsu & Thai Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga
• Pre/Post-Natal Yoga
• Breathwork & Meditation.

Scott Verardo
Scott Verardo is a "Personal Development Facilitator" He has been studying and applying his knowledge for over a decade, his vast knowledge in many healing modalities includes; Yamuna Body Logic/Rolling, Instructor, practitioner, teacher trainer. He is certified in Cardio Resistance, modified and applied flexibility training, muscle release/sport massage as well as being a Yoga & Pilates teacher. Scott is certified in breath training and mediation. Scott enjoys working from the ground up and the inside out.

He has spent 20 Years as a NYC Union Structural Ironworker with background in structural and mechanical Engineering.

*All ABC therapists meet or exceed all local certification and licensing requirements.

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