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FEX is an ideal partner to Pilates.

Like Pilates, ActivCore is a pain-free technique.
recruits the right muscles at the right time, therefore it optimizes functional movement and alignment. ActivCore also uses a specialized technique for the number of repetitions in each exercise. This means that you do just enough of each exercise to make a real improvement without over fatiguing the muscles or causing painful and negative compensations.

ActivCore easily allows the ability to customize a client’s session.
There are hundreds of original exercises in the Activ Core system. When you add ActivCore FEX & Redcord to a Pilates studio, you immediately expand the number of possibilities for a client. It also helps to keep Pilates sessions fresh by offering effective exercises that feel different than Pilates, while still maintaining the basic principles of Joseph Pilates.

ActivCore offers applications for a wide variety of ages and abilities.
The ActivCore exercises can each be modified in a number of ways. Those modifications include placement under the equipment, length of ropes and angle of ropes. Therefore, the exercises are ideal for all levels of strength, balance, coordination and endurance, from an Olympic caliber athlete to someone who is post-rehab.

Activcore FEX offers a technique that takes body weight off the joints during exercises. This creates guided support without strain. Additionally, this offloading technique can be graded so that you can easily remove or allow body weight to be added, therefore working toward strength levels that enable you to hold your entire body weight during the exercises.

*Submitted by Trent McEntire, Founder McEntire Pilates


Functional Exercise (FEX) involves movements that activate and strengthen global prime-mover, stabilizing “core” muscles, soft tissue, joints and bones simultaneously in support of activities performed in daily life. Multi-planar exercises in a controlled unstable environment are the foundation of FEX programs.

Functional exercise improves functional performance, which means moving more freely and easily without pain, and having the ability to do what you need and want to do, when you want to. Whether running to catch a bus, avoiding a fall when you lose your balance, being able to lift groceries out of the back of your car, picking up a golf ball or playing basketball in the driveway with your grand children, functional performance is vital for life.

FEX facilitates strength development, balance enhancement and improved coordination that has direct applications to improve movements of daily living, injury prevention and performance enhancement. It is more effective than any other methods currently available. Functional strength development benefits the average person, the elite athlete or someone recovering from injury, regardless of age or ability.


ActivCore FEX is a highly effective functional exercise technique because it activates the right muscles, in the right amount, at the right time, which is the key to achieving optimal performance. ActivCore FEX is used by athletes, athletic trainers, coaches, personal trainers, Pilates experts, fitness centers and other fitness professionals.

ActivCore FEX benefits anyone seeking a competitive edge; from elite athletes to the weekend golfer and everyone in between. Benefits of FEX include enhanced functional strength, increased joint stability and range of motion, improved balance, reduced risk of injury and propensity for muscle pain and discomfort.


ActivCore FEX is a highly effective functional exercise technique that addresses muscle imbalances and improves core stability. Functional exercise improves functional performance; the ability to move freely and easily without pain. ActivCore FEX is used by personal trainers, Pilates professionals, medical professionals, corporations, fitness centers and fitness & wellness professionals.

ActivCore FEX is a better, more efficient way to activate muscles, dramatically impacting the quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. Benefits of FEX include enhanced functional strength, increased joint stability and range of motion, improved balance, reduced risk of injury, muscle pain and discomfort.


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